As you know, we at the Bring Back Bionicle Club will stop at nothing to make Lego start releasing Bionicle sets again. This page lists all known projects, past, present and future, that aim to make our dream come true. Even projects not affiliated with the Bring back Bionicle Club will be mentioned here.

If you know of any projects not mentioned here, don't hesitate to contact me.

BioCraft: Chronicles

A group of YouTube members have begun work on a full-length Bionicle movie in Minecraft! The movie tells the story of the Toa's arrival on Mata Nui way back in 2001. It is currently unknown if any more are planned.

A teaser trailer has been uploaded for the movie, which is due for release in the summer (northern hemisphere time) of 2011. Click here to see it.

Bionicle Protection Program Wiki

This is a Wikia wiki which, like our site, aims to bring back the franchise. At this stage, they have not agreed to join up with our club.

Click here to visit the wiki

BIONICLE: Showdown

A group of game developers has gotten together to create a Bionicle-themed Super Smash-style computer game! A demo version of the game is currently in production.


Click here to visit their forum


This is a series of third-person 3D computer games being created by various members of BZPower. The plan is to make a game for each year of the story, sell copies at various LEGO conventions, and then release them free for download.

Due to BZPower's forums being down for upgrades, a link to the project is currently unavailable.

Bring Back Bionicle Flash game

While it's only a small game, it is still worthy of mention. A small game called Bring Back Bionicle has been found, where you have to fly a ship around a small map and collect 4 crystals. The game has no Bionicle-related graphics, but is still noteworthy nonetheless.

Click here to play it.

CUUSOO Proposals

LEGO CUUSOO is an idea collection site that asks LEGO's consumers to submit and vote for various ideas for new LEGO products. Ideas that get 10,000 votes are put under consideration as potential new LEGO products, sold in various LEGO shops around the world

Naturally, "Bring Back Bionicle" has been suggested already. Unfortunately, LEGO banned all "Bring back" proposals, and so it was removed. However, they did allow proposals for individual unreleased characters.


Proposals exist for the following characters:



Toa Nidhiki

Toa Tuyet

Keep Bionicle Alive! petition

A large petition aimed to save Bionicle was started by some members of BZPower, and can be found on iPetitions. Once it has 10,000 signatures, it will be sent to Lego.

As of August 7 2011 it has reached its target of 10,000 signatures, and it has been sent to Lego. Click here to go to the petition.

LEGO Messageboards petition

Many petitions exist throughout the Internet aiming to bring back Bionicle. One of the most noteworthy is a petition located on Lego's own messageboards!

Click here to go to the petition

Protest Animations

This is a series of stop-motion animations that advertise a petition on Each has a scene from the Bionicle story that includes a character not released as a set, but with the character suddenly absent.

Skrall's Meeting

Takanuva vs. Tuyet

Lariska's Meeting

Meeting with Helryx

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