Over the course of a decade, the official Bionicle website has hosted a number of online games of all shapes and sizes. Each of these games were preserved by BOGA (Bionicle Online Games Archive), and can now be shared on this website!

The migration of BOGA to this website is still a work in progress, and will slowly be done over the course of 2013 and 2014. Progress will be reported in the news section on this site's home page as each game is added one by one.


Mata Nui Online Game

Huai Snowball Sling


Gali's Rapid Descent

Onua's Memory Challenge

Lewa's Forest Flyer

Tahu's Lava Surfing

Pohatu's Matching Pairs

Kopaka's Ice Trail


Piraka Attack

Matoran Escape (Coming soon)

Voya Nui Online Game (Coming soon)

Inika Island Assault (Coming soon)


Barraki Platform Game (Coming soon)

Command Toa Hahli (Coming soon)

Command Toa Nuparu (Coming soon)

Command Toa Kongu (Coming soon)

Command Toa Jaller (Coming soon)

Command Toa Hewkii (Coming soon)

Command Toa Matoro (Coming soon)

Command the Toa Mahri: Final Challenge (Coming soon)


Battle For Power (Coming soon)

Mistika (Coming soon)


Glatorian Arena (Coming soon)

Glatorian Arena 2 (Coming soon)


Agori Defender (Coming soon)

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