Friday October 2: Netflix teases a new series for next year

LEGO is teaming up with Netflix to launch two 4-part series based on two LEGO lines: Friends, and our own Bionicle!


Bionicle's new series will be called "The Journey To One", and will launch in the first quarter of next year, all but confirming Bionicle 2016 officially. The description accompanying the announcement reads:


"Four-episode animated series based on the Bionicle franchise of buildable action figures takes place on the mythical island of Okoto, where the forces of darkness are on the move and the evil Makuta is working to cast the world into darkness."


This, combined with the recent leaks of next year's Bionicle sets, all but proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the new Bionicle will be seeing a third wave of sets, fulfilling the Bring Back Bionicle Club's full goal: to not just bring back Bionicle, but to keep it back for a year and a half (three waves), to bridge the gap between the sets ending and the end of Bionicle's 10th anniversary. With the club's task all but done, it will start to close down over the next nine months, officially closing when the sets start appearing in stores. Until then, however, news will continue to be posted on this website, so don't abandon it just yet.


Until next time!

Friday September 25: Episode 17 released

Episode 17 of the online cartoon, "Forge Of The Mask Maker", has been released!


In this episode, the Toa battle... and make short work of... Skull Basher (after coming to understand the true value of unity), and then come mask-to-mask with Kulta the Skull Grinder himself!


Unlike the previous villains of the story, Kulta speaks! It'll be interesting to see how much he says in the next episode(s), and what story tidbits he might bring in the process.


Until next time!

Tuesday September 22: Early 2016 set images start to leak

The floodgates have suddenly opened on leaked early 2016 Bionicle sets. Over the past 3 days, multiple images of the first wave on 2016 sets have surfaced all over the Internet.

The images will not be posted here, but they can be found on the Facebook branch, as well as other sources all over the place. Basically, the Toa are all given a new look which makes them look more similar to each other. They also all have new masks, again with gold variants. The creatures, on the other hand, all look different, and resemble various real-life creatures (e.g. Terak - Creature Of Earth looks like a mole and Ikir - Creature of Fire looks like a phoenix). Each also comes with what looks like a bear trap. Umarak the Hunter is green and red in colour, has huge horns/antlers, and comes with a gold mask that may or may not be the Mask Of Control.

With leaked images coming out daily, there's a chance this may not be the last of the leaks, so continue to stay tuned!

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Saturday September 19: Episode 16 released

Episode 16 of the online cartoon, "Unity. Duty. Destiny." has been released!

In this episode, Ekimu lays eyes on his home city for the first time, and then tells the Toa of Kulta the Skull Grinder (not by name) and his plan to destroy his mask, the Mask Of Creation.

Note that this episode's name pays tribute to the original canon. But will the 'Three Virtues' be a major focus in the hard reboot too?

Until next time!

Saturday September 12: Episode 15 released

Episode 15 of the online cartoon, Tomb of Ekimu, has been released!

The Toa defeat the Skull Scorpios, and at last come face-to-face with Ekimu himself! But where to from here? The Toa still have to find the Mask of Creation.

This episode provides teaser insight into the backstory of the 6 Toa. Do you think you can spot it?

Until next time!

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